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Illustrator Reimagines Disney Princesses As 1940’s Noir Mystery Novel Characters

Disney sells! Disney Cruises, Disney+, and Disney movies are all available. My 3-year-old daughter lives with me and Disney is almost a religion in our home.

Disney seems to have a universal appeal that transcends generations. It’s a hit with little kids, teens love it, and adults can’t seem to let go of their childhoods. They will devour any Disney content that they can find.

Astor Alexander, an artist, has released a series really cool illustrations featuring your favorite Disney Princesses as noir, 40s-crime-novel covers girls. These illustrations are really cool and very well done. This series is called Noir Princesses.

Below are some of our favorites!

#01 Snow White

#02 Cinderella

#03 Belle From ‘beauty & The Beast’

#04 Tiana From ‘the Frog Princess’

#05 Pocahontas

#06 Mulan

#07 Jasmine From Aladdin

#08 Sleeping Beauty

#09 Ariel


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